I have been in the web design business for about 5 years now. I went to the University of Washington and majored in Communications (with an emphasis in design & technology) and then decided to narrow down my career path by going to Clover Park Technical College for their Web Design & Development Certificate program. There, I learned a lot from my knowledgeable instructors, Mark Webster and Bruce Dague.

After attending Clover Park Tech, I jumped right into the business and worked for several different companies over the years, most being smaller boutique/studio type settings. I have worked with some wonderful people over the years and made many friends within my field of work including Hovie Hawk, Dana Wells, Kristian Themstrup, Melissa Darby, Nathan Burnham-Bradley and Katie Clack (just to name a few).

My main focus now is designing/developing WordPress websites, as well as maintaining/designing for e-commerce websites using Magento and Drupal content management systems. I have a passion for design and love coming up with new ideas. I have a lot of inspirations which include music (funk, soul, latin, jazz, classic rock), street art, other graphic artists and photography.

Please feel free to browse my projects, view my past clients’ websites and ask any questions you may have from my contact page. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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